About Tribe Consulting

What do you do when what you’ve always done before doesn’t work? When following the rules gets you to the same place you’ve always been – overwhelmed, frustrated & unappreciated?

We approach mentoring and education differently…with every project, we customize the content according to your vision…our passion is generating an experience that lets you make a difference for your learning community.

It’s time to work with an expert who can help you take the load off…

You’re an academic or business professional that is extremely open to launch the educational transformation… you seize opportunities to orchestrate unconventional change in order to maximize your effectiveness (or your department’s effectiveness) & are open to using technology to expedite that.

We offer ultra-fast turnaround times and also have the ability to work within even more stringent timelines, if necessary.

Our charge is to provide practical resources for freethinking educators…

I THRIVE as a behind-the-scenes-type individual ensuring you have the tools that you need to be successful. I want to help students and small business professionals embrace their potential & expand the options available to them - no matter what they practice. Many business owners, non-profit organizations, students, and individuals have a message they want to get out to an audience. Tribe Consulting, LLC can help organize and energize the message into the offering you need, no matter how small or big the project.

What’s the upshot for YOUR freedom? 

Relief. Peace of mind. Confidence. Satisfaction.

Meet the team of experts ready to serve you...
Dr. Sandra Cleveland

Sandra Cleveland, PhD, MSN, RN, NETA-CGEI – “Dr. Sandra” wants to transform individuals and small businesses beyond their potential and achieve desired goals.  As CEO of Tribe Consulting, LLC, she mentors health professionals and business owner through personal and professional enhancement and helps nurses help each other through the power of connection.

She has +20 years of teaching experience in undergraduate and graduate nursing programs. Dr. Sandra has also worked as a Registered Nurse for +25 years in various roles including staff and agency nursing, nursing administration, and as a Clinical Nurse Specialist.


Fitness is another passion – she is a nationally certified group exercise instructor.  She incorporated her passions lives the principles of servant leadership as a nurse educator, nurse, her use of technology, and fitness instruction, which took her trajectory to create her business.  Many nurses and nursing students share that she is an encouraging presence, creative, and note how much they have learned from her. Additionally, she offers health and wellness offerings based on the power of play, incorporating educational technology in learning, and online course creation.


She has presented on these topics at national and international conferences as well as academic publications, serves as an alumni association board member, and assists the parish nurse at her church.  Her ongoing mission is to help other’s reach their full purpose (Jeremiah 29:11) and feels honored and humbled to be used as a vessel for God’s work. She has been recognized most recently in International Who’s Who in America award, 2018 and World Association of Female Professionals. Dr. Sandra lives in Michigan and is a wife, mom, educator, entrepreneur, and sports and fitness buff.

The Connector

You bring the creativity, strength, and ideas to create the community! Tribe Consulting works with your vision to enhance the efforts your organization is using to form the tribes needed to be successful in meeting both individual and organizational outcomes. 

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